Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Cookie Run: OvenBreak

  Cookie Run, I’m sure you’ve all heard of it from the advertisements. Cookie Run is a franchise that recently has begun to catch traction by the larger media and garner a large fandom. Cookie Run’s most long lasting game that’s gained popularity over the ages, OvenBreak, features a plethora of characters that have been added over the years. As of recently, the newest cookies/characters added to the roster are Eggnog and Tiramisu Cookie. These two were added for the Holiday event.

     Cookie Run is a passion driven game by the company Devsisters originally released in Korea, June 15th, 2009. Since then, it’s slowly builded quite the large fandom with a plethora of games releasing in different genres of the AppStore. That was until, of course, the explosion of their newest game, Cookie Run; Kingdom.

     In OvenBreak, Cookies are escapees from a witch that magically bakes them to eat right after. They escape while being baked in the oven. GingerBrave is the character you first get and run with. After you pass the tutorial, you can use coins and diamonds to buy chests and eggs and gacha for more cookies and pets!

     Each cookie gets a pet, and if you run with that pair, you can get extra points. You get points by collecting jellies as you run. Timekeeper Cookie, a legendary cookie, is the first cookie to not get their own personal pet and share a pet, Cosmos Gear, with another cookie, Croissant Cookie.

You are also able to play with other play with other players by participating in Friendly Runs and joining guilds. Friendly Run is where you can run with friends at the same time and actually see their character run in the different maps!

There are different types of currency, coins being the most common. You can use coins to level up for pets and Cookies, diamonds to buy chests and eggs, Rainbow Cubes to buy costumes for your Cookies, and more.