Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but in my family Christmas is mandatory. In my opinion Christmas is my favorite holiday. Our family tradition is to make tamales, pozole, and obviously throw a party. That is one of the many traditions. There are many others like: having a cookie exchange party, going Christmas caroling, giving manger, checking out a local light display, picking out a different ornament for each child, and there are many more. Let’s see what other people do for Christmas:


Catherine: “ I don’t really do much, I just open presents and eat food and hangout with my family.”


7th grader at Fleming Middle School: “ I just open presents like a normal person and eat food, which isn’t really much but I still like it.”


8th grader at Fleming Middle School :”I open presents on the 24th because my family celebrates Christmas on the 24th, so now we just stick with it. My mom also works on Christmas.”


And these are other things that people do on Christmas day.

Christmas Traditions Around the World




Christmas goes back to 336 AD and has been celebrated ever since, with a new tradition every year. Still some traditions never change, one for example is putting up a Christmas tree which was started by the Germans. The holiday Christmas is a part of most cultures around the world and is celebrated differently wherever you go. These are some of the many different Christmas traditions:


  • Austria: Bad Santa
  • Germany: Pickle in the Tree
  • Japan: Colonel Santa
  • Italy: Belfana the Witch
  • Norway: Flying Witches
  • Sweden: Donald Duck
  • New Zealand: The Alternate Christmas Tree
  • South Africa: Fried Caterpillar


Some of these Christmas traditions may be confusing, but the explanations behind them are only different because we don’t celebrate in all the same ways. For example the Bad Santa is the evil accomplice of Santa and it’s said that he prowls the streets searching for badly behaved children. In Sweden every family gathers around their TVs to watch Donald Duck wish people a Merry Christmas. And this was the traditional line of Christmas.