Kpop February 2022


Kpop is a type of music, which is Korean-pop music. There are groups as well as individual artists. Kpop is very fun because there is good music as well as fandom and merch. Groups also have lightsticks, which fans wave at concerts to create an ocean of lights. Popular Kpop groups include BTS, a widely popular group. They are a group of 7 men and debuted in 2013. They recently had a concert in the U.S at the Sofi Stadium and many Army’s attended. Other popular groups include Enhyphen, Blackpink, EXO, and Twice.

Latest news: Enhypen are breaking records on charts for their new album Dimension: Answer. Their new song includes “Blessed-Cursed”. Another popular sidetrack song that is also rapidly climbing music charts is “Polaroid Love”. BTS is soon to have a concert in Korea and India is having a competition where two lucky winners who buy a new brand of BTS coffee will win tickets to the BTS concert in Korea. If the campaign spreads there may be 10 winners. BTS also has a webtoon and will be releasing a song ‘’Stay Alive’’ this month. Twice is having a concert at the Sofi Stadium this month on the 16th. Look forward to it!