How Good does Genshin Impact get?

❥ Introduction 

There are many pros and cons to video games, but I will be reviewing one in particular. The video game Genshin Impact has gotten rewards for its outstanding game. But, how good does Genshin Impact get? The perfect video games don’t exist; they carry flaws to them like Genshin Impact. The following will show the pros and cons of this game.

❥ Pros Of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an excellent game, multiple of my friends say, and I would say so myself. I love the game for its mechanics, combat, and puzzles. It brings out the creative side when I’m playing, it makes me think about how things work.

What I found surprising the most was that it taught you elemental reactions. For example, you can freeze water with Cryo (ice) characters or set grass on fire with Pyro (fire) characters. An example of a pro is that it influences the players to think about element reactions, use puzzles, and use imaginative steps. According to Josh Ye from Abacus, “In addition to the graphics and character designs, players are praising the voice acting, the large open world, and a combat system that challenges players to be creative.” This text shows how the game Genshin Impact positively influences players because it allows them to think outside the box and allows them to plan about the elemental reactions. 

Genshin Impact can also help you bond with friends, and help them in-game. I have a friend named Carter, and we cannot see each other due to going to different schools. But when we have time we play Genshin together and bond a little more, we have fought bosses together, have had platonic dates, and mess around with each other. To conclude this section, Genshin Impact can be good for people playing the game because certain events make them solve problems, and can help them bond with friends.

Lantern Rite date with Carter (They are on left I’m the purple one <3)
We found a rare hilichurl so we took pictures with it before defeating it (He wasn’t harmed I swear…)

❥ Cons Of Genshin Impact

Many great things have cons to them, the video game Genshin Impact has its flaws. You get a certain amount of free characters to use in Genshin Impact, while others are obtained by using a game currency to pull characters and weapons from the Wish section. There is a rating system of weapons, and individual characters are from 1-5 stars. The higher the stared weapon or individual, the rarer it is to obtain while drawing wishes.

The system works the same as a gacha machine, you do not know what you will get until you get your prize. People spend money to get 5-star characters and items from the game Genshin Impact. Josh Ye said, “There are already some clues about one way Genshin Impact might monetize: Lucky draws for game characters.” Josh Ye also stated, “Gamers often wind up paying real money just to enter into another lucky draw.” This is a con to playing Genshin Impact, because miHoYo bribes you into pulling limited-time characters. They do this by giving the players notifications and deals to buy the in-game currency wishes and fates to draw more and spend. The company intentionally placed this to get money out of its users since Genshin Impact is a free game. I myself have paid to get a character that is limited time but on a few occasions, while others cannot control themselves and end up spending too much money. To sum this paragraph up, Genshin Impact can negatively influence overspending money often due to it’s wishing system.

Wishing・Gold – 5 Star・Purple – 4 Star・Blue – 3 Star or lower・

❥ Conclusion

To conclude this article, the company miHoYo has some issues with its game Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact has been slowly getting more and more popular among people, so I thought I would find out the pros and cons of this game. One of the positives is it’s very interactive and slightly teaches people when playing. However, the negative influence showed how miHoYo tries to get its players into overspending cash on getting characters. Overall, even though miHoYo has these pros and cons to its game Genshin Impact, I think Genshin Impact is one of a kind, and I’ll keep playing it!

❥ Extra 

If you are interested in playing this game, and you want to know if it has a good soundtrack, here are playlists one are my favorites and the rest are official soundtracks.

Another picture from our Lantern Rite date, Carter (left) Me (right)