March Poems



Amelia Shepherd: Then and Now

By:  Jamie Buan xoxo


Eyes Wide Open

Surrounded by supporters who must have hope in

I Must Have Lost it on the Wind

Became a surgeon, all progress pinned 

Only with love and help she became clean

Couldn’t find anything after a medical screen


The truth is out, now considered a Superfreak

She’s changed now, she then was antique 

And with the help of her new friends

She was able to see the world with a whole new lens


Now a girlfriend of Lincoln, a mother of Scout

Her life without them would break more than a pout

Two declared sisters, an aunt of three

Drowning in affection, she’s never felt more free





The forest and the bugs, By Jade the Jaded


The buzz through the fresh spring air

Flying fast through vast fields of flowers

A cloudburst erupts and downpour comes a shower

The bees and bugs retreat, unfortunately unable to prepare.

The fresh spring rain ceases it’s downpour


The bumblebees fly and flourish, gliding from flower to flower in the deep green forest No humans in sight near the deep green forest as the bumblebees & bugs chorused The bumblebees pollinate the flower garden, always there to restore.


The birds fly high as the baby bees fly low

The pill bugs roll as the predators linger

The forest is quiet, one could even hear the lift of a finger If a tree fell in the deep green forest, no one would know.


Spring Grave, By Jade the Jaded


A garden of flowers just for me

Flowers of variety bloom beside my grave by the creek

A home for the spiders and the bees

A sanctuary for those who seek release


In solitude one sits

As winter gives bloom to a silent spring

The skies darken as the weather befits

In the warm silence of thawed out spring


The winter fades as spring arrives

Ice melts, watering the blooming flora

Vines coating pale walls with Ives

Spring brings beauty to a silent memora.




Mother’s butterfly… by: Favonius 


A whole story, and experience.

A lens through which life flows with strife and happiness like the gentle water in the edge of the stream. 

A potential, a change. A life, gone astray. End before beginning, a bitter-sweet sorrow in an instant.