Preparing for High school

Since high school starts next year for 8th graders theres some stuff you need to do to get prepared and organized. First is so balance your schedule in case of being overwhelmed or stressed. As well as if you are uncertain of what high school to choose, choose a school that you know you will do well in and will also have fun throughout your high school years. Never stress out when being in high school. Based on what high schoolers say they think that high school is actually easier than middle school. When joining high school pick some fun electives and join clubs for better participation and to have a good record on your college application. Behavior is really important and even grades during middle school based on what classes you’ll be in, in high school. In high school make sure to not get into drama and do not involve yourself with bad behavioral people. Overall high school should be a very unique experience, however, we should make the best of it, enjoy it, and pay attention when needed.