Coaxing Xiao Hei Out Of Hiding (Legend Of Hei Movie Review)

  The Legend of Hei is a prequel to a popular Chinese series by the same name. It’s an action-packed animation movie featuring our adorable main character, Xiao Hei, who is classified as what this world considers a monster. The movie expressly focuses on the bond between humans and these monsters from the perspective of our main character, Xiao Hei, and how his view shifts as his viewpoint are morphed by the people he meets on his adventure.

  Xiao Hei, early on in the movie is shown to have an unflattering view of humans, and the movie itself seems to agree with him on that fact. Shows scenes of humans destroying forests, showing no respect towards wildlife, constantly chasing and trying to kill Xiao Hei, who at this point in the movie, takes the form of a cat. At this point, we are led to believe that Xiao Hei is a normal stray cat who used to live in the forest before humans destroyed it. But we’re quickly told that he is not that as we’re introduced to Fengxi. Fengxi takes the form of a human at first before revealing his “monster” form to Xiao Hei to show that they are on the same side. 

  Fengxi essentially takes in Xiao Hei to become a part of his group of monsters living in a secret forest, that’d not been touched by humans for very long. It is here where we begin to be shown more of Xiao Hei’s mentality being morphed by those around him, in this case, Fengxi. Xiao Hei almost immediately puts his trust into Fengxi, much faster than he would any human, being offered a place to stay with Fengxi and his group. Xiao Hei is grateful to be with his own kind sharing the same dislike for humans. 


However, a character by the name of Wuxian comes and attacks Fengxi and the crew of monsters which includes Xiao Hei. The reason Wuxian attacked Fengxi was that he is a criminal and he wants to capture him to take him to the ‘spirit guild’ to serve his time and rethink all his actions. Wuxian captured Xiao Hei after Fengxi and the rest of the crew closed a portal leaving him behind. When Xiao Hei was recently captured by Wuxian he had very bitter feelings about him and tried to escape numerous times. Wuxian trains Xiao Hei and not only does Xiao Hei grow in strength but also makes a bond with Wuxian. Slowly Xiao Hei’s opinions on humans change because of Wuxian he is more willing to go near humans and interact with them. 

This is where things took a rapid change in the movie, Xiao Hei has a strong power called ‘domain’. The reason why Fengxi was so nice to Xiao Hei by taking care of him was caused by him wanting that power for the benefit of the monsters. Fengxi and the crew locate Xiao Hei and Wuxian and they attack and kidnap Xiao Hei to initiate their plan of helping get back what ‘belongs to the monsters’. After Fengxi captured Xiao Hei Fengxi tries to manipulate him into using his domain ability to capture the city for the monsters, Xiao Hei doesn’t agree with him because his view on humans changes due to Wuxian. Since Fengxi didn’t like that he wasn’t able to manipulate Xiao Hei, Fengxi took the domain ability from Xiao Hei by force. He proceeds to use the domain and it slowly captures the city. Wuxian is desperate to get back Xiao Hei since the loss of his ability would kill him if it wasn’t returned in time. This event leads to Fengxi and Wuxian fighting within the domain to win the power of the domain. 

In my opinion, I think people should watch Legend of Hei because it’s a cute animated movie that has a cute art style and good action scenes. It is a really good example of how interacting and getting experience with different people or things can help you grow as a person. This movie did almost make me cry (Favonius) as for Jade, they did cry near the end of the movie. Ignoring the fact there is some angst I definitely recommend this movie! I hope others can find this movie enjoyable just as Jade and I did.


Xiao Hei’s first time eating meat


Wuxian and Xiao Hei have more of a bond in this scene


Scene where Fengxi comes to kidnap Xiao Hei