Ukraine needs our help

Something really bad is happening in Ukraine and they need help. The U.S is willing to help them but I think we should mind our own business because we are fitting for a country that doesn’t care about and just us to help. But if we went to war they wouldn’t help us. But their buildings are getting bloodied up and I do feel bad for them. On the news they were showing people crying and their homes were distorted. Also they used some of the u.s weapons.


The reason why they are at war is because Ukraine was a part of Russia and their president was mad that they were separated. Also Ukraine has less weapons than Russia. The Ukraine war killed about 15,000 people. If you wanted to know how I feel about their president, he just mean. Also I feel like he needs to stop the war because it’s not fair.


I think it’s not fair to the people that lost their family and friends because it’s not their fault that their country is separated. I think that he should not be president because he is hurting people . Also I feel like they will not vote for him again. Also he is not going to leave a legacy. Another thing is if you want to know the Weapons that they are using are javelin anti tank missiles, and switchblade, also kamikaze.


Another reason why they are at war is because the Ukrainian and Russia separatists accused one another of firing into their respective territories. The reason why they need our help is because we have more soldiers. They only have about 246,445 Soldiers. Also we have 1.4 million. So that’s why we are helping them. We also have more military supplies. Also I think Russia is winning the war right now because they started the war and killed the most.


Also if you wanted to know if the u.s gave Ukraine money. Do to me Research the u.s donated $1 billion dollars. Also the U.S spent 13.6 billion dollars on Ukraine. Not just the government gave money to Ukrainian. People that live in the U.S. donate at least 70 million all together.