This month BTS will be holding 4 concerts in Las Vegas! BTS will be having their concerts on April 8, April 9, April 15 and April 16. The boys have been working so hard preparing for these concerts after having their concerts in LA. Their concerts that they had in LA was such a success and many army got the chance to watch them perform for the first time after COVID happened. The boys made their concert such a fun place for the army to connect with each other. Many of the army’s were so happy to finally be able to see them in person and be able to experience seeing them perform live. I think that their concerts are a good opportunity for everybody who likes BTS to come together and enjoy their music together. I think their concerts in Vegas are going to be just as successful as their other ones, knowing how hard they have worked for these days. I think these concerts are very important for BTS because they get to connect with their fans, and see how much support they have from many people around the world. So excited to see what BTS has prepared for us!