ARCANE: The Show of 2021

    Do you enjoy stories with underlying consequences from the actions of others? Do you enjoy misery, good writing, but development all packed into one show? If you do, then Arcane:League of Legends is definitely for you!

    Arcane, a game adaption of the League of Legends franchise was released November 6th, 2021, on Netflix. There are 9 episodes in the season, each episode being the minimum of 42 minutes. It’s rated 9.1 on IMDb, and if that isn’t enough proof of a genuinely good Netflix series, I don’t know what is. A few ratings state, “THIS SHOW IS AWESOME!!!”, and “This show is hands down the best I’ve watched all year! I’m really looking forward to season 2!”, which is really

 good to buy into, especially if you rely on reviews from others


    Don’t buy it? If not, here’s a little background information on the whole series of Arcane..

    It follows the story of two sisters, Violet (commonly known as Vi), and Powder (who adopts the nickname “Jinx” after episode 4). Told from the perspective of these characters, including many other characters like enemies, family, and friends, the show focuses on the conflict and development between the two opposed cities, upper-city Piltover, and Zaun, a poverty stricken city, rooting as deep as the fissures of the area, as it is under Piltover. Powder and Vi, reside in Zaun. They’re both orphaned after tragedy struck and Piltover went to war with Zaun, but soon after, Vander, known as the owner of The Lanes in Zaun, takes the caregiver role for them, and two others, Mylo and Claggor, who are later introduced.

Zaun, the underground city, in Arcane

    While Arcane is heavily based in the world that the game franchise has, it’s knowledge of the characters and the lore is not necessary to enjoy it. Arcane is visually-stunning, and effortlessly enjoyable to many as the style of animation is both 3D and 2D. The show’s genre is depicted as Steampunk, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy; at least underground in Zaun, it is. Piltover is more of a clean, fresh look with a Utopian feel to it. It’s made heavily obvious that you don’t need the video games to enjoy the storyline, let alone the awesome show itself. Power is the show’s main theme, and how power can tear two once close-bonded cities apart in a matter of seconds.

Piltover in Arcane

    Personally, Arcane is a show held really close to my heart, and not only can i relate to some degree, but It’s also enjoyable to watch and is able to convey  so many heart-wrenching messages in just 9 40-minute episodes. Due to its amazing attention to detail and precious quality, using many high-tech machines and workers,  Arcane’s season 2 will NOT be coming out on Netflix in 2022 unfortunately. Fans are expecting to get an announcement of the show’s next season in 2023.

All the main characters in Arcane