6 Ways Lakers Can Recover Next Season

  1. Trade WestBrook for anything.

  Improving the Lakers actually begins with addition by subtraction, which is another way of saying they need to get Russell Westbrook off the roster. Doing so is much easier said than done, but finding a trade partner this offseason should be easier with just one year remaining on his contract (assuming he picks up his player option)

Russell Westbrook contract: $47 million player option in 2022-23

It’s not that Westbrook has suddenly become a terrible player, he is still a starting point guard in the NBA, but at over $40 million per season, his contract blatantly misrepresents his actual on-court production at this stage in his career. It would be like Carmelo Anthony still getting a $40 million per year salary. While good, he’s no longer worth that amount.


     2. Trade Anthony Davis

  Anthony proved he was a star when he first came to the lakers. 27 points a game 10 rebounds 2 blocks. The next season and this season he missed 17 games. We needed him but he got injured way too much. We need to trade him for Jaylen Brown and Marcus smart. They are young and have talent. We have enough salary to sign a superstar.

      3. Hire Nick Nurse.


  With the lakers firing Frank Vogel, the head coach position is needed for the lakers. Now many can agree that assistant coach Dave Fizdale should the main candidate for a head coach yet in his games as head coach for the knicks, he only won a measly 21-83 amount of games. Current Raptors coach Nick Nurse is probably the most fascinating and one of the top alternatives on the market right now for the Lakers. The title-winning coach is a Klutch Sports Group client and a Phil Jackson disciple, which means he may be the man to bring the Buss and Klutch factions together as they debate the franchise’s next course.


  4.  Find future assets

This season the rookies went crazy. Wayne Gabriel, Austin Reaves, Mac McClung. They were improvements. We need to keep the young talent. They are a major asset to the team. Young people don’t get injuries. They are just amazing and the Lakers need to add young stars.

    5. Keep Lebron

LeBron forgoing the extension wouldn’t be the only reason to trade him. The Lakers are currently 33-49, and LeBron is 37. They may not be able to win while he is still in his prime. Of course, there are plenty of reasons not to trade LeBron, even if he doesn’t sign the extension. A team with LeBron and Anthony Davis has championship upside next year. If Los Angeles wins the 2023 title, it doesn’t matter what LeBron chooses afterward. Keeping him will have been well worth it. Buss was desperate for a star before LeBron arrived. She even fired her own brother to attract LeBron to Los Angeles.