Five Reasons To Own A Purrfect Mischievous Critter!

Five Reasons To Own A Purrfect Mischievous Critter!

Why should you own a cat? Well, cat’s actually benefit their owners in many different ways! It’s a take and give relationship between the cat(s) and the owner(s). If you have never owned a cat, have been wanting one or you dislike cats, this is for you! I hope you enjoy this ✧/ᐠ-ꞈ-ᐟ\


Cats Are Low Maintenance Pets!

The best thing about cats is that they require lower maintenance, unlike dogs. Dogs need to go on walks, get basic training, be groomed (depending on how much the dog sheds) toys, and a lot of attention. However cats only need food daily, basic potty training, some toys, and they even groom themselves. Cats are pretty independent on their own which is why they are low maintenance!


Cats Can Benefit Your Health!

Here’s what I was talking about, the take and give relationship between a cat and its owner(s)! Cats can lower people’s stress/anxiety, this is because when a cat purrs the sound and vibration relaxes muscles easily which causes people to relax. Cats can also prevent you from getting allergies. This is because if you had owned a cat from a young age the allergens that a cat carries help people create an immune system to that allergen and similar ones.



Cats Are The Purrfect Companions!

Cats are the perfect companions because you could be all alone but you have your fluffy companion. You won’t feel alone with them because they give the owner(s) a purpose and comfort. They rely on the owner(s) to give them the necessities, so having a purpose makes people feel better and feel as if they are not alone. They also make connections with their owner(s) like cuddling with them and this can comfort people easily.



Cats Help Their Owners Make A Routine!

Cats can help their owner(s) to make a daily routine for them. Let’s say you have to go to work at a certain time and you have to get ready, clean the house, and feed your cat. It helps the owner(s) time things more efficiently and do things faster. Also if you can care for your pets it can help remind you to treat yourself as well!



Cats Can Help You Socialize!

People with cats can socialize more because of their pet(s)! If you struggle with socializing, owning a cat can be a topic when talking to someone. Just imagine two people talking about their pets. This conversation starter can make relationships grow or just help people that don’t like talking in general!


This is people talking about their pets:
This is people talking about their pets: