social media


social media 

desi yeaman, p.4 


     Do you ever think about all the inconsistent, irrelevant things on social media? Do you ever think about what social media means to you and how it affects you? I didn’t think so. Social media is confusing, because there are many different sides of it, bad and good. Social media connects people from all over the world, and lets people share and express their opinions, and experiences. But, deeper into social media, it gets complicated. 

     Social media is often used as a way to show off, or flex. A competition, where everyone is trying to one up each other. Whether that means having the most expensive outfit, or the highest number of followers, it’s a competition. Through social media, you see so much, just from a screen. On one scroll you may see posts bringing awareness about serious issues. But, with another scroll, a person whose life is unrealistic, leading to one of the main causes of insecurity in teens. Social media for sure depends on the way you use it, because what you interact with is what youre going to see more of. And sometimes, it can be very damaging mentally. 

     Although our screens bring us awareness to situations, it also brings us things like cyberbullying, effects on our mental health, and more. Teenagers tend to get on the wrong side because social media becomes a big part of their lives. They think that if they don’t have enough ‘clout’ they’re lame or—if they don’t have the newest trendy clothing they’re boring and bland. But they’re manipulated into thinking that, and thats what makes it so negative and damaging towards some. Don’t get me wrong, there is positive things about social media. Such as being able to connect with people, or sharing your experiences, but lots don’t use it for that.

     With all of this said, what I mean is that social media tends to put people into this trance that popularity = greatness. They’re manipulated into this idea, but the reality is that social media has a good side. Social media can be used for good things. It is used for good things, but there is so many other parts of it. Social media is such a diverse place, and it’s impact on you definitely depends on what part you choose to take interest in.