8th Grade Interviews

Today we are asking 8th grade students from the leadership class to share their experience this year. We interviewed them and asked how they liked their 8th grade year, how did the pandemic affect them, and what high school they’re going to.

Below are the results.

8th grade is not that easy. There are so many requirements that aren’t really necessary. 8th graders don’t enjoy their year because of too much conflict. The pandemic affected me in 7th grade because I didn’t learn as much. I am going to Narbonne for 9th grade, I hope my experience is better than 8th grade. -Huenzy Lorica


8th grade is pretty hard because it’s hard dealing with conflict of having friends and any drama. There are so many things in 8th grade that can really ruin your year but end up making it better. I feel like some teachers don’t understand what it’s like being an 8th grader, but then do understand. The pandemic caused a lot for me but in the end it got better because of the amazing people I met. I am going to Narbonne. – Lira Rojas


Being an 8th grader is pretty difficult because the subjects get more difficult over time. During covid it was hard because i wasn’t able to have a good social life. I’m going to Narbonne. -Delilah  Davis 


Being an 8th grader was hard but it was also very fun. During covid it was easier because I was able to be more flexible school wise. The school that I chose to go to is King Drew Highschool of Medicine and Science. -Denisse Zometa 

This proves how aside from all the difficulties every 8th grade was able to complete the year and move on to high school. These 8th graders represent the falcon pride by preserving to the end.