Robotics Club

Robotics Club

Jamie Buan, Editor in Chief

| Meetings take place in Room 215 |

Meetings commend at 3:00. Meetings are hosted on Mondays from 3-5pm

Robotics Club sponsored and established by Mr. Nesbitt & Mr. Rodriguez

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At Robotics, we elaborate our unique ideas in order to achieve our objective: having a functional and substantial robot prototype. In order to make progress and overcome obstacles, every two weeks we have a system called the “Sprint”. Within those two weeks, each individual team member is able to assign and formulate their own task that would benefit our robot to reach the final stage. Working to the best of our abilities to wrap up those priorities and along with our team member’s assistance, we manage to get the job done. As soon as those two weeks are coming to an end, we alternate our tasks for the following Sprint and finalize our products to present to our peers.

When you first enter the room, you immediately notice the hospitable environment. Whether it’s the team or the mentors, everyone is very open-minded in terms of offering suggestions, feedback, etc. We as a group unify as one when working together, no one is considered an outcast. We stick together through thick & thin. Furthermore, we also try to help out one another as much as possible, no matter what. Metal manipulators are intuitive, fierce, mighty, and have much P.R.I.D.E. in our work.


-Helen Ho | Robotics Club (Team Member)