Is Homework Necessary?


Is homework necessary? Most, if not all students absolutely hate homework. We already have five to six hours of school, we need to put a few more hours of our time at home on homework on top of that.

“I’d rather do more class work and less homework. We already have 83 minutes of class now which is more time to learn and understand the material anyway,” says a Fleming 8th grade student.

In 2013, research at a university found that students who pay an excessive amount of time on work can add additional stress, physical health problems, and a scarcity of balance in their lives.

Most students find homework to be a waste of time and are barely motivated to do it at all. They also have more trouble focusing on their work, because now they have access to the TV, phone and social media which is much more interesting than y=mx+b. In class, they aren’t allowed to have phones out and they’re in a more suitable learning environment.

This doesn’t only apply to homework! During the pandemic, students all over had to attend classes online rather than in person, and with all the added distractions of the TV, phone, and social media, it was hard for students to pay attention and participate in classes, causing them to get lower grades.

“I’ve had good grades all my life, uh, and mostly As and Bs, then we had to go online, and I really couldn’t resist scrolling through Instagram during class. At one point I slept during PE class because there was literally no teacher-student interaction there,” says another Fleming 8th grader.