Returning to School



Everybody has returned to school now, but not online school, in person school. It may be different from online but things are slowly getting back to normal. Even though some schools have shut back down and are doing online classes, most schools are still going strong. But we all know that or hopefully that school will stay open but if Covid starts rising again all schools will shut down again.

What people think about reopening schools

What people were saying about reopening schools is that they thought it was cool to have kids go back to school in person but some parents did not agree with most of the parents. The parents think or say that it was too early to reopen school, especially with this new Delta variant out and make their kids go out to school and feel like the school system is trying to kill their kids.

Final summary

The first couple weeks of school have been hectic: the Delta variant breaking out, some schools have more classes than others ,and having to wear your mask all the time. But this is history. We will be telling our grandchildren about Covid and how we lived during this time. Then we will tell them about how we were going back to school when we did online school. This is one crazy time at school, but we will get through it and things will fully go back to normal.