Mental health

We have all been through a lot and whether it affected us less than it affected others. Many of us have problems opening up to people due to many reasons, this can cause people to feel alone which is only adding more to their plate. Although there is therapy for them to take, many will still struggle to open up to their therapist which makes it harder for them to help. There’s not much we can do to help, but be there for them, talk to them, let them know you are there for them, ask how they are doing, how their day was, people appreciate little things like that. I think it’s important to know about mental, emotional, and physical health because it informs us of things we may be going through, it also helps us understand why we may be going through this. Little things like school or work can affect someone tremendously. I feel like knowing ways to help yourself and others can help many people struggling right now. It’s important to know that things happen for a reason and to not be too harsh with yourself.