Scary Story Contest


Hello, welcome to the 2021-2022 Fleming Falcon Journalism class, this month we will be hosting a scary story contest. The judges will be our 4th period journalism class, we will end up having 1,2 and 3rd place winners. 


  • To win 1,2 or 3rd place winners you will need to create/write a scary story that will get our attention.
  • Give us the chills and make us enjoy reading it, like if we are in the story.
  • You can have as many characters in your story, but please have dialogue and a spooky character as well as a spooky setting.
  • Your story should be 300 to 700 words long.
  • Submit via the link/form below by Wednesday, 11/17

We will appreciate all the people who participate, and we can’t wait to see how creative the stories are! 


The prizes for 1st place will be a $15 Target gift card. For second place we will have a $10 Starbucks gift card and finally for 3rd place we will have a $5 Mc Donald’s gift card. Please submit a link to your story from Google Docs or Book Creator by November 17th.


Make sure to revise your story and do the best you guys can!