Coming Back To School During COVID

Coming back to school hasn’t been easy. In my opinion I think it is better if we return to online learning. Let’s see what other people think about returning to school. 

People: Ricardo Rosales, Veronica Bennett, Anahi Lugo

Do you think the school should go back to online learning? Why or why not?

Ricardo: “No, because I got bad grades while doing online learning and I am doing a better job inside school.”

Veronica: “ No, because some kids can’t focus on online learning.”

Anahi: “I think it’s better if we stay in school because people are getting tested and getting better, also it is a better way of interacting with their friends.“

Do you think the school should start social distancing? Why or why not?

Ricardo: “No, because we stayed in quarantine for a year or something and we need to talk to people.”

Veronica: “Yes because hopefully that can stop the spread of COVID.”

Anahi: “Yes because the COVID cases are rising rapidly, and it would be safer for everyone that hasn’t gotten COVID yet.”

Are you enjoying it here? Why or why not?

Ricardo: “Yes, because I like math and I like my teacher because he teaches math in a cool way and also because of my friends.”

Veronica: “Yes because I get to be in a classroom.”

Anahi: “I am because I get to spend time with my friends and I am being more active because of P.E”

What do you think the school is doing wrong or right?

Ricardo: “The P.E is doing something wrong because we have been quarantined for a long time and we haven’t been active and I think they should do step by step.”

Veronica: “I think that they are not social distancing students well enough.”

Anahi: “They are doing something wrong because there should be more options to eat and to drink especially water for P.E”

Do you think the school should have uniforms/ P.E uniforms?

Ricardo: “They should have uniforms because I don’t want to think about what I am going to wear instead just have a uniform ready for the next.”

Veronica: “Everyday uniforms no but P.E uniforms yes.”

Anahi: “I think they should have uniforms because no one has to wake up and think about what they have to wear and no one has to worry about the dress code.”

What advice would you give the next generation?

Ricardo: “Only focus on your grades and nothing else and don’t be late for class.”

Veronica: “Work very hard.”

Anahi: “ Don’t get into drama or fights and don’t procrastinate or be late to class.”