Weird/Funny moments that happened on Zoom meetings last year

Weird/Funny moments that happened on Zoom meetings last year

What’s the weirdest thing that you did during a Zoom meeting, or what was the weirdest thing that happened? Here are responses from students from all over! Keep note that they are in the grade mentioned for the 2021-2022 school year.

”I threw a rubber foot at the camera during Ms. Li’s class,” says a Fleming 8th grader.

“I mean it wasn’t weird but something funny was when someone cheated and their camera showing their phone,” says a student, their grade and school anonymous.

“Multiple zoom prank callers joined and they said a lot of cuss words including racist comments,” says another Fleming 8th grader.

“I made fun of Mr. Gerlach a lot. My friends who went in hybrid could hear me making fun of him from the other room on Zoom,” said Jamie Buan, Fleming 8th grader. 😉

“My teacher’s dog threw up on his carpet,” said an 8th grader from Stephens Middle School.

“I was unmuted and said something inappropriate and the class got quiet,” said another 8th grader from Stephens Middle School.

“I gave my ugly rat dog a bath while he screamed- Luckily I was muted though,” laughed a Fleming 8th grader.

“[I] ate a rollie pollie,” said another student, grade, and school anonymous.

“I started singing ‘Mirror on the Wall’ while I didn’t know my mic was unmuted,” said a 10th grader that attends Wilson High School. They also said, “I asked my brother to give me a tissue and I blew my nose with my mic unmuted.”

“A kid was getting yelled at during a zoom meeting,” said another 8th grade Fleming Falcon. Another experience of theirs follows as, ” There was this girl who got hit with a chancla during a meeting and the class saw, after that, the teacher told her to turn her camera off, except we heard screaming so after that she kicked her off [the meeting] instead. I understood Spanish, and she was scolding her because she didn’t pick her clothes from the bathroom nor clean her room up.”

Online classes were an interesting experience, easier for some, harder for others. It definitely wasn’t a perfect experience, but little moments like these really brighten things up! I’m glad we’re back now, even with the COVID precautions. What are interesting things that happened to you during online classes? Stay tuned for more responses coming in the near future!